Introducing Talkit Emotional Ratio

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We loved our original Talkit Interactive Dashboard ?but wanted to further the experience for you to really visualize your emotional state. Remember the lines showing positive and negative emotions? Well, we did a little quick math for you, and now you can see what’s called the Emotional Ratio, which is the balance between the two.

Talkit's Personal Dashboard view of the new Emotions Ratio. Understanding your emotions is key for preventing burnout.
Talkit’s Personal Dashboard view of the new Emotions Ratio

The Emotional Ratio places you in one of three states:

  • Flow, where everything is easy breezy. This state brings innovation, narrows the possibility of mistakes, and brings an overall enjoyment of work.
  • Safe, where things are going well but are not really carrying a wow factor. You are not at risk, but you’re not ecstatic about your job either. 
  • Risk, where you can see warning signs that let you know that it’s time to pivot. Staying in the risk aisle of the Emotional Ratio puts you in a direct path to burnout.

In all three states, it’s important to detect what triggered those emotions, and keep track of it, in order to maintain or change your situation. Remember those pesky highlights we keep insisting on? We promise they’re worth it!

Was your week a breeze through the flow zone? Or was it a rollercoaster going from one state to the other?

The Emotional Ratio view is retroactive so you can see it in past weeks as well. If you go back, you’ll be able to read your highlights, understand what made you feel a certain way, and act on it. Having this information on your emotional state at work (and using it!!) is super valuable because you’ll be able to make changes on things that are not good for you, and even feel grateful for things that are going your way.

We can’t wait for your team to try this feature. Hope you enjoy the new Emotional Ratio experience, and let us know what you think! Join the Community and leave us your questions and feedback on Twitter – our product team will be happy to chat!


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