1:1 Well-being Conversations

Unlock meaningful connections with 1:1 conversations.

Free for personal use. 14-day trial for teams. No credit-card required.

Don't be too late to spot burnout

When employee burnout reaches HR it’s already too late. But maybe it could have been prevented two months before in a 1:1 conversation with the manager. 

No more status updates or bland conversations.

Let go of standard 1:1 templates. The problem with standards and averages is that they’re just that: average. 

Let your team’s wellbeing data guide your 1:1 agenda so you can identify burnout indicators before it escalates and talk about how to tackle its root causes. 

Show you care about your team

Improve your team’s psychological safety, prevent burnout, reduce employee turnover, and lead a more productive and happier team.

Your team's wellbeing insights drive the conversation

Get recommended topics for discussion on a your next 1:1 conversation based on your team’s actual well-being insights. 

For each topic you can choose from a variety of questions shown to unlock meaningful discussions.

Collaborative agenda

It takes two to tango, and it takes two to have meaningful 1:1s.

Both parties help set the agenda of the 1:1 conversation: adding personal topics, recommending others, and choosing questions to help guide the discussion.


Personal topic suggested
Conversation draft agenda
Conversation complete gif

Organize your 1:1 conversations

You can take your notes and write up all commitments live during the conversations, or you can fill it after the discussion.

Whatever style suits you, you’ll always find all your conversation history, and what topics, questions, notes, and more importantly commitments you’ve reached.


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Google Calendar Integration

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Schedule 1:1 Conversations directly on your calendars and link to its agenda.

1:1 Conversations right on Slack

Collaborate on your 1:1 conversation agenda, take notes and close organize your 1:1 conversations without ever leaving Slack.

Export your 1:1 Conversation agenda

Take your 1:1 agenda with you if you chose to have the conversation outside Yerbo.

"The 1:1 Conversation has been super helpful in creating an agenda that unlocks concrete discussions around the most important well-being factors for my team."
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Rafael Amarante
Engineering Tech Manager at Nubank

Ready to have meaningful well-being conversations?

Free for personal use. 14-day trial for teams. No credit-card required.