Yerbo integration for Slack

Take care of your wellbeing without ever leaving slack

Yerbo and Slack integration makes it easy to respond to surveys, invite colleagues, and receive notifications of actions and early-signals. 

Check your wellbeing right from Slack

From Slack, you can take a 2-minute survey to find out when your personal wellbeing is getting low and what you should do.

Yerbo Slack App survey responses
Yerbo Notifications on Slack

Take timely action

Yerbo will notify you on Slack when a wellbeing factor demands your attention. This way you can improve it before it becomes a bigger problem.

Invite your team

Easily invite your Slack workspace teammates to join Yerbo so you can create custom teams, gain access to team and company dashboards, and unlock wellbeing conversations with anyone inside the organization.

Invitation to Yerbo from Slack

Never forget to track your wellbeing with Yerbo on Slack.

Free for personal use. 14-day trial for teams. No credit-card required.