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  • Slack App Integration

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Yerbo, is a mental well-being tool focused on caring for engineering team’s mental wellbeing in a science-based, data-driven way to help everyone stay away from burnout.

Great question! Yerbo collects data from 2-min weekly (or bi-weekly) automated surveys and translates results into insights that help you understand your team’s burnout risk, its causes, and track its evolution over time. Try it for myself.

Not allowed to install new apps in your Company’s Slack? Please reach out, so we can help you help@yerbo.co 

Yerbo Slack app requirements

Individual mental well-being results are 100% private, each person decides if/when to share. Managers get team reports based on anonymized aggregated data.

Why anonymity is important? Safety, both for team members (information confidentiality and protection of privacy) and team leaders (data quality and trust). Read more about the pillars of employee wellbeing surveys that are effective, bias-free, and safe.

Glad you asked! Behind are the days of emoji-based checkins and measurement of hours worked as the only proxy of burnout risk. Burnout risk is a much more complex situation, to addressed effectively we based everything we do on leading scientific research  by our in-house Behavioural Science team. Read more about our methodology.

Psychological safety is the name of the game. The most important part to the success of mental well-being management is to help your team understand the process with complete transparency.

The first thing on your list is to let your team know about Yerbo and set expectations on how you plan to use it. We can support you in the kick-off with an “All-hands” style of meeting for both ICs and other managers, just let us know help@yerbo.co

Planning to do a quick intro instead? Try this:

Hi Team!

We’re collaborating with Yerbo to prevent burnout and continuously improve our day-to-day as a team.

You might be wondering what it is: Yerbo, is a tool focused on maximizing everyone’s mental well-being in an efficient, data-driven way. With the purpose of:
• Empowering us (the individuals) to monitor and improve our mental health.
• Empowering Team Leads (Managers and Directors) to improve the working environment based on stream-oriented initiatives.

How does it work?

Easy-to-follow steps:
• Participants answer the weekly 2-minutes survey via Slack.
• Participants monitor and get tips on their mental health indicators.
• Leaders get aggregated, anonymous data, and recommendations about the team’s burnout risk and work engagement indicators.
• Individuals and Team Leads can track and share transparently the actions they take to improve individual and team well-being.

• Anonymity as a design principle, that means only you can access your individual results and managers only access anonymized aggregated data to respect everyone’s privacy. It’s your call to discuss personal results when you feel you need to.

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“Yerbo confirmed burnout symptoms across more than 100,000 technology workers. It’s both difficult and important to stay on top of your team’s well-being while working remotely. Yerbo can serve this purpose.”

nubank team

Read how the engineering team at Nubank, the $30B fintech, turns data into well-being with Yerbo.

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How a $30 Billion fintech turns data into team trust with Yerbo