Make sense of your emotions to improve mental well-being at work

Raise your self-awareness to better engage in meaningful conversations with your colleagues.

Prevent burnout by making sense of your emotions

Get personalized insights of your emotional state and prevent burnout while working from home. It's free.

Talkit by Yerbo helps you to understand how you feel at work, allowing you to take action and prevent burnout before it even knocks at your door.

Track and make sense of your emotions

All you have to do is take a few moments a day to reflect upon your feelings. Talkit will send you weekly reports using intelligent data-interpretation engines, so you can track your progress. 

Connect emotions with specific events

Get your feelings off your chest to discover patterns and what triggers those emotions. Use your report to act against any bad habits before they get a hold of you.

What happens in Talkit, stays in Talkit. 100% private.

Any interaction is utterly private and confidential to you. Share your discoveries only when you feel it can spark a meaningful conversation with your colleagues and leaders.

Build your emotional self-awareness so burnout doesn't stand a chance.
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Build trust and emotional connectivity with your team through meaningful conversations, a shared language around emotions at work, and early burnout / engagement interventions.

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