Don't be remembered as the manager who burned out a team.

Manage your team's burnout risk with Talkit, the first burnout tracker for Slack™

This is the dashboard for tracking burnout of "Talkit", the first burnout tracker bot for Slack™

Keep burnout at bay in 3 simple steps

1. Get onboard with a self service, frictionless setup

  • Add Talkit for Slack™ to your workspace from the Slack™ Apps Directory
  • Request your team to add you as their manager with a simple command /talkit my-manager @your-slack-handle.
  • No need to create accounts or put your credit card upfront.
Talkit's burnout risk tracker configuration screen.
Talkit's burnout risk tracker survey prompt

2. Your team answers a weekly burnout risk survey

Every week, the bot will ask everyone to fill an 8-question survey measuring 4 burnout symptoms:

  • Exhaustion
  • Depersonalization
  • Self-Inefficacy
  • Cynicism

3. You get to monitor your team's risk and take prompt action to fix it

Check your team’s burnout risk at Talkit’s Dashboard, assessing the 4 symptoms and monitoring progress:

  • Timeline + Risk lanes.
  • Average burnout risk value for the week.
  • 4 Symptoms bar chart + colors showing level benchmarks.
Talkit's burnout risk tracker dashboard

100% private, you control your data.

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Backed by decades of scientific research.

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Top performing teams already trust Talkit for Slack™ and


“Yerbo confirmed these issues (burnout symptoms) across more than 100,000 technology workers globally during COVID-19.”

“It’s both difficult and important to stay on top of your team’s well-being during a pandemic and while working remotely.

Yerbo’s Talkit can serve this purpose (…) employees can share how they feel about their job and their company, the results are often aggregated anonymously so staff members feel comfortable being honest while leaders can spot trends and areas to watch out for.”

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* Free for personal use, small teams, and discounted pricing for bigger teams transitioning to remote work. No credit card needed to get started.

Pricing plans that fit your needs


  • Burnout Tracker
  • Personal Dashboard
  • Team dashboard
  • 1 month of Data history
  • Support: FAQ


$ 4
  • Burnout Tracker
  • Mood Tracker
  • Personal Dashboard
  • Team dashboard
  • 3 months of Data history
  • Email support


$ 6
  • Burnout Tracker
  • Mood Tracker
  • Team Dashboard
  • Personal Dashboard
  • 6 months of Data history
  • Chat + Email support


$ 9*
  • Burnout Tracker
  • Mood Tracker
  • Employee Engagement Tracker
  • Personal Dashboard
  • Team Dashboard
  • Department level Dashboard
  • Unlimited Data history
  • Account manager, chat, and Email support
  • Instructor lead Mental Health training