How to Address Mental Health in the Workplace

Give your managers a tool to spot and handle early warning signs that could affect employee's wellbeing and performance.

actionable Metrics for
Well-being & Work Engagement

Our platform empowers managers with clinically-based tools for proactively improving mental fitness.

You know monetary benefits have a ceiling and aren't the only variable to retain or attract top people these days, people want to work for a purpose and want to know their company really cares about them.

Mental first companies are emerging to lead a better future of work, now is the time to give your team leaders the tools to be your ally in this transformation.

Marcos Sponton, CEO at Yerbo

Companies of all sizes bet on mental health.

The tipping point

The pandemic is pushing the world into a mental health crisis.
Research has shown that improving mental health isn’t just a human imperative, but an economic one too.

1 in 6

employees will experience mental ill-health this year.


the cost per year of mental ill-health for employers in lost productivity.


of managers believe they don't have the tools to supporting direct reports.

Develop a Winning Well-being & Engagement Strategy based on informed, data-driven decisions.

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Yerbo is a management tool that equips managers with insights, actionable steps, and resources to manage the team’s mental health as effectively as any other aspect of their engagement.

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