Manager Guidance

Get direction on how to create a healthy environment

We help you develop teams everyone wants to be part of.

Personalized Actionable Steps

Get personalized action steps to better support your team based on proven methods from organizational psychology.

Pro tip:
The suggested steps complement your management knowledge and guide you safely through the things you can do, or advise you to scale issues that are beyond your control.

Contextual Learning

Contextual Learning

Get well-being training tailored to your immediate needs.

Bite-sized micro-courses and a curated content library to help you develop your skills on the next big thing in management.

Contextual Learning

80 % of remote workers would consider quitting their current position for a job that focused more on employee mental health.

"The personalized recommendations are based on a combination of best practices which come out of 20 years of clinical experience, with validated tools from positive organizational psychology, new theories of behavorial change and the newest advancements on job-crafting."
Carlos Sponton, Organizational psychologist and Researcher,
Head of Behavorial Science at Yerbo.

So, yes, Yerbo gives you Guidance but also…

Help your take ownership of their health