Powerful Tools for Caring Teams

Yerbo provides an end-to-end platform for you and your team to identify, understand, and act on the indicators that lead to stress, anxiety, and burnout.

Here’s how it works.

We meet your team where they are

Weekly check-ins, rotating questions, targeted data.

Results are returned instantly

See your risk factors in plain language

Tools built for Managers

An overview of your team’s attributes, based on their direct and honest input.

Details, details, details

More than just a “Wellness grade,” we dig deeper into what’s going on.

And ... Action!

Documentation, Understanding, and Action. Here’s where we complete the loop and help you improve.

“I’m amazed by having this understanding of my team, which definitely helps me to know on what things I have to focus on first in a sea of noise. We’re using Team Dashboard to drive discussions around burnout and work engagement with our leadership team right now, it’s a crucial instrument for us to have”
Stas Demchuk, Engineering Lead, Affinidi

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Burning Out?

How is your team doing right now?
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