Early Signals

Catch on to the important things before it's too late

As a manager, you probably have a lot on your plate and frequently find out important human-related things when they already scaled. Let’s flip that with data-driven insights which help you stay ahead.

Team Mental Fitness Score

Relying only on subjective clues is not enough. We give you a weekly Team Mental Fitness Score so you can rely on data that is accuarate and bias-free.

Team Well-being Indicators

“Are they feeling too exhausted, not good enough, cynical with the tasks they perform or starting to feel disconnected or even rude with others?

We measure the critical clinical-verified indicators that impact their risk of burnout and team dynamics.”

Team Analytics

See how things are evolving on a weekly basis. With a clear understanding of how your team is doing you can clearly communicate to everyone where you’ve made progress.

Team Root causes

Root Causes

Get a 360º understanding of which are the leading indicators that are impacting your team stressors or satisfaccion.

Work indicators

Our 16 workplace models let you easily spot the priority areas to work on.

Personal Indicators Comming soon

Our Team Thinking Traps modeling show you the things your team is struggling with related to their perception of the world.

Team Root causes
"I suggested the use of the tool to all my direct reports and it helped us raise key yellow flags"
Eric Guimaraes,
Technical Manager at Nubank

So, yes, Yerbo gives you Early Signals but also…

Stop worrying about missing out on what's going on with your team