Product Updates

Description of Talkit’s product updates and new features.

Tech: Field of Dreams, Land of Burnout.

Working in tech seems to be the dream, until it’s not.  While the concept of burnout is not new and the World Health Organization (WHO) recognized it as an official medical diagnosis, even in 2020 the mainstream-known signs and advice around it are insufficient or misleading.  Hint: Overwork isn’t the only cause of burnout. Ping …

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New: Trigger Features With Slack’s Commands

We don’t want to jinx it…but it seems like we’re rolling with new features every week or so. Woot woot! We realized that avid Slack users are probably keyboard wizards already, and could feel a little more comfortable by knowing what the available commands are. Users can now type /talkit do for a list of available on-demand …

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Introducing Talkit Emotional Ratio

We loved our original Talkit Interactive Dashboard 🥰but wanted to further the experience for you to really visualize your emotional state. Remember the lines showing positive and negative emotions? Well, we did a little quick math for you, and now you can see what’s called the Emotional Ratio, which is the balance between the two. The Emotional Ratio places you in one of …

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