How a rebranding helped our company to focus. Hello Yerbo.

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Today, Talkit becomes Yerbo.

Rebranding is an opportunity to communicate in a more meaningful way. We’re here to tell you what this new brand — Yerbo — means to us and to the future of work where companies are mental-health-first.

Introducing Yerbo

Yerbo is our vision for a better future of work: sustainable high-performance through democratizing mental health at scale.

In the last decade, thousands of team performance and engagement apps have been released, but just looking at productivity without mental health does not succeed in the long term.

People are not disposable resources to squish to the point of burnout, and even humane managers who -really- care about their teams sometimes burn them out by accident, by not knowing the full picture of how their teams are doing or how to help them.

How a rebranding helped our company to focus

There’s a moment in every company’s life where people think about rebranding.

Should we rebrand? Should we rename our product or company? What’s in a name? Is it really that important? How do we go about it?

While a “brand” is not a “name”, naming a company and product is one of the most fun projects you can execute on.

In our case, our mother brand was always “Yerbo”, at the beginning we decided to name our products in their own distinctive way with a vision of a multi-portfolio company.

After a while, we changed our minds… why? Simple: focus.

There’s a quote that really stuck in my mind:

“When I joined Grubhub, I quickly noticed the founders were incredibly good at staying focused. They said we were building a product for online ordering for food delivery — and only delivery — not pickup, not the delivery of other items, not catering, and that’s all we would do for a long time. I remember thinking, “but there’s so much we could do in [XYZ]!” I was wrong. By staying focused on one thing, we were able to execute technically and operationally extremely well and grow the business both very successfully and efficiently.”

Casey Winters, Chief Product Officer at Eventbrite

Mental health is a huge problem, with many possible solutions, and in order to serve you better and to really go deep on this problem, we’re going back to our roots: one simple platform and brand to rule them all.

Today is an important day for us. We will keep big product news coming, fast.


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