Care Counts

Yerbo is a mental wellbeing platform for ambitious software teams that is designed to help you stay in touch with the hearts behind your greatest minds.

Real impact on the health of your team, every single day.



Yerbo provides clear, proven methods to help you and your team start addressing issues and fixing problems, today.

Deep Work

Yerbo focuses on the root causes of burnout risk and other workplace-related mental health issues, not just the symptoms.


Yerbo can help you make well-being and happiness a reality for your team with a suite of tools meant to guide everyone to repair the work-related stress and burnout risk issues with concrete action steps.

"Burnout it used to be the elephant in the room, something we knew that we needed to talk about, but didn't get around to. Now, the data serves us the leverage we needed to launch the conversation and take action"
Cesar Berho
Engineering Manager at Nubank, the $25B Fintech

Build a culture of psychological safety and trust.


Everything your team shares with Yerbo stays private, so you can get real and useful feedback. Team insights are based exclusively on anonymous aggregate data.


Yerbo creates a safe space for your team to record, reflect, and repair the stressful impacts of work during the course of their typical day.


Designed by a team of behavioral scientists and mental health experts, Yerbo it’s built to accurately capture how your team feels.

Cultivate a rhythm of continuous feedback and improvement.


We create a feedback loop with your team that feels natural, because it’s based on the rhythms of their work week. We randomize questions, keep information relevant, provide timely programs for improvement, and focus your attention where it needs to be, all with no intervention on your part. Naturally.


No extra logins or complicated setups,
just simple questions, and concrete action steps directly on Slack.


Dashboards and reports make it simple to get an overview of the information you need to most effectively and safely communicate with your employees about their mental health and burnout risk. Start programs, track them effectively, and get feedback, all in one tool.

How is your team doing right now? Not sure?

How a $25 Billion fintech turns data into team trust with Yerbo