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TLDR: A technology + behavioral sciences startup. Our main focus is to humanize relationships at work to raise people's happiness.

We develop tech solutions and products based on positive psychology and neuroscience. We empower teams to develop a unique employee experience that leads people to happiness.

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We are improving employee engagement by helping front-line leaders to become better managers and giving companies actionable insights.

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BurnoutIndex.org is a non-profit effort to measure burnout at work. Through a self-assessment test, designed by psychology professionals and tech industry workers, you can determine if you suffer from burnout.

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At Yerbo we want to encourage our leaders with real tools that empower teams, unlock their potential and make more people happy at work. That’s why launched a meetup initiative to create, develop and encourage a community that shares and spreads tools, experiences and best practices for tech leaders.

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Why are we doing this?

Humanity is facing serious problems of different nature that are taking a toll on people's minds and everyday lives. Having so much on one's plate means that sometimes happiness is thought of as a luxury that can only be enjoyed by those with privilege.

In a work environment, happiness is often not even considered a possibility, when it's actually something quite accomplishable with the proper help from those in charge. That's exactly where Yerbo comes in with the tools to make happiness at work happen and help CEOs, managers and people in charge, lead the way for their teams.

When it comes to happiness at work and employee engagement, a little goes a long way. Meaningful conversations, encouragement, recognition: it's all there for the grabbing and Yerbo can help. Our product suite can work hand in hand directly with higher management, and in some cases with HR, to target their teams' pain points and empower them with the tools to take employee experience to the next level.

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